Victoria Radio Control Modelers Society. Here you'll find information about the Club, a list of our planned events, a map to our field and resources for flyers. We have an associate membership program available if you would like to participate in the club on a non flying or guest basis and we are always accepting applications from folks interested in flying at Michell Airpark.

Recent News at VRCMS....  

Cowichan Float Fly on April 25, 2015

We had the best weather and conditions at a float fly you could ask for. It was sunny and hot (most of us were in T-shirts) and the lake was glass all day... There were seven of us, and we basically all got tired of flying around 2:30.. Stewart H had a good time with his foamy on floats, Bob J flew the bag off the Beaver, Rob M had 10 flights with his Rascal and Protege, Jack L and his Twin Otter had a few... And Dwayne and Bruce got there moneys worth too.. As did I.. We can tell Stan, that I now have an outboard for the boat so recovery is way faster and easier now.. To summarize.... it was one of the best days of float flying I have ever had and I have been to a lot of Shuswaps..

Latest Build

Built by Ron Johnson this Pica Model FW 190 D9 is 1/6 scale with a wing span of 65 inches. It's powered with an OS 75AX. Covering was done with 0.75 fibreglass cloth and painted using water based varethane Tamiya scale acrylic paints in Dortenman colours 1944-45.
First Flight Performance: Model has scale landing gear, cockpit, sliding canopy, tail wheel, flaps, ailerons, which added to the scale take off. Required slight left aileron trim and flew very well similar to my great planes King Cobra. Even with a high wing loading is very stable at slow speed due to wing design and 2 degrees washout. Remember washout prevents you from being washed out. Only negative is that the plane is hard to see on a dark day due to camouflage colours. Yes, it was in the evening when I flew.

Upcoming Events

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Airpark Status
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Please Remember that there is NO flying before 10 AM.

Guest Program
....We have a guest program in place that allows non-member flyers to bring a plane to fly; however, you will have to be hosted by one of the 9 members of the VRCMS safety committee. All aircraft flying at Michell field will be subjected to a brief inspection and sound test before they can fly. We do our best to be respectful neighbours and safe, quiet planes are an intregral part of that!